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Grease nipple assortment kits


Agricultural Grease Nipple Kit - 120 piece

Product Code: L4674

120 piece grease nipple assortment kit


Automotive Grease Nipple Kit - 115 piece

Product Code: L4679

115 piece Automotive nipple assortment for garages.


EL Series Grease Nipple Assortment Kit

Product Code: G10090

• Includes 90 of your most popular grease nipples and 10 grease nipple dust covers in a convenient compartmentalised carry kit
• Manufactured in Germany in accordance with the DIN 71412 standard in steel, case hardened, zinc plated and passivated the grease nipples as supplied with the kit are as used and specified
by many of EuropeÕs key Original Equipment Manufacturers
• The assortment kit also includes 10 grease nipple dust covers as used to protect lubrication points against contamination and for indicating the lubrication interval by means of determined
colour coding


Imperial Grease Nipple Kit - 101 piece

Product Code: L4675

101 piece Imperial Threads 1/8" BSP, 1/4" BSP, 1/4" UNF


Metric Grease Nipple Kit - 100 piece

Product Code: L4676

100 piece Metric threads 6m x 1, 8m x 1, 10m x 1.


Stainless Steel Grease Nipple Kit - 80 piece

Product Code: L4680

80 piece Stainless Steel nipple assortment for industry.