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BEKA-MAX Lubrication System Display - Agriculture


Product Code: BEKA-MAX Display

The Beka Max Agriculture demo board provides a point of sale marketing tool to promote lubrication systems sales.
Compact design enables the demo board to fit in almost any available space and presents the look and feel of the Beka Max system with a pump that actually spins around and divider valves with the actual hose and fittings used on typical installations.
Below the lubrication system components concise bullet points on why lubrication systems should be considered and key performance information have been listed.
Holders for business cards and brochures are also included to make the display complete.


Equipment and Capabilities


Product Code: newservice1

We are all about moving and metering volumes of lubricant (both oils and greases) from the drum to the application points where you need them – the right amount at the right time!

From 2 application points to 200 points, we can help you choose the right system to meet your needs.

Our range of pumps, controllers, metering devices and fittings are sourced from the world’s best lubrication equipment manufacturers.

With the ability to design and install all major types of automatic lubrication systems – progressive, dual line and injectors, we can supply the right product for your operation.

We specialise in solutions for transport, agriculture, construction, mining, mineral processing and industrial applications.

Many types of systems for trucks, trailers, ag machines and construction machines can be supplied in kit form.  


12 Volt Submersible Pump Kit

Product Code: F20012K

• Transferring diesel or fresh water and is widely used in a variety of industries including mining, construction, agriculture, transport and fishing
• Up to 32 L/min
• Aluminium alloy shell
• 8700 R/min
• 12V maximum load current of 8A power 96W
• Approximately 500-600 hours
• Delivery Cycle: 30 minute