Drum Level Measuring Gauge *

  • This unique mechanical measuring gauge is designed to show the level of fluid in a 205L drum
  • Seated in the drums venting bung hole, the gauge quickly and clearly shows the user
    how much fluid is left
  • Can be used for most fluids including oil, diesel, petrol, water, coolant, ATF,
    waste oil and some chemicals
  • Ensure that you never run out of that crucial fluid again making reordering quick and easy
  • A simple and inexpensive way to stock keep, stocktake and reorder fluids
  • Reusable – transfer from drum to drum, fluid to fluid
  • Reduce the possibility of theft with the drum clearly showing at all times how much il or fuel etc is in the drum at any given moment
  • The float is made from polyethylene
  • The float has a density of ca. 0.84 so it will float on all liquids with a higher density than this
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany