ESOC 875

Commercial Vehicle Oil Exchanger

The ESOC 875 Commercial Vehicle Exchanger is a revolutionary system that dramatically reduces your labour time and costs when changing your truck or other vehicles used oil. Fully pneumatic – no additional power required.
Made and engineered in the USA, this exclusive and patented design keeps your trucks and vehicles out of the shop and on the road. In addition, it is safer for your technicians and environmentally safe thanks to its fully sealed, closed loop technology and automated system. The ESOC 875 Commercial Vehicle Exchanger provides you and your team with an alternative to traditional or conventional oil change approaches.
With the Quick Oil Change Technology, a 40 litre oil change can be completed in about 15 minutes, saving you approximately 40 minutes on every oil change performed. The unit uses air to purge the used oil from the vehicle’s filter and oil passages while the oil pan is being evacuated, and replaces it with clean oil.
The oil change process is virtually automatic, which allows your technicians to perform other tasks while changing the oil. Speed, simplicity and productivity are the ESOC’s key advantages and with these cost savings, the ESOC 875 will quickly pay for itself.

• Fully pneumatic environmentally safe oil change
• Uses an integrated pistol grip oil dispenser
• Reduces labour time and costs – more time for trucks on the road
• Automatically changes up to 40 litres of oil in around 15 minutes
• Eliminates operator contact with oil
• Allows technicians to perform other tasks
• Spill-free fittings means zero mess
• Air supply 125psi @ 6SCFM
• Fresh oil supply: Minimum 500psi
• Dimensions: 1200mm (H) x 550mm (W) x 600mm (D)
• Weight: 150kgs
* Quick Connect Spill-Free Fittings sold separately 875 Product Information Sheet.pdf