4t 4 Post Vehicle Hoist

The RAV “44” series of four tonne hoists are perfect for workshops undertaking a lot of transmission work, be it manual or automatic.

The hoist’s hydraulic cylinder is located inside the fixed platform providing the cylinder with maximum possible protection.  Large diameter pulleys with self-lubricating and maintenance free bushes ensure a long service life and help to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

  • 4.0t capacity
  • Adjustable platforms to accommodate different vehicle widths optimises access to the underside of a vehicle
  • Automatic mechanical back up safety devices with pneumatic release allow for stationary operation with loaded cables
  • Immediately triggered safety stud devices operate in the event of a cable slackening or failing
  • An automatic anti-toe trapping alarm during the final stages of vehicle hoist descent supplied standard
  • Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safety devices all in compliance with Australian and CE Safety Standards


Part Number
Product Description
RAV4401 4.0t 4 post vehicle hoist
RAV4402 4.0t 4 post vehicle hoist for wheel alignment work
KP410N 7.0t 4 post vehicle hoist