Pulsarlube Single Point Lubricators

Alemlube has recently been appointed as a distributor of Pulsarlube Single Point Lubricators here in Australia.

A leader in the electro-mechanic single point lubricator market with sophisticated system feedback available, the Pulsarlube M Series is popular on mine sites, steel plants, petrochemical, food & beverage and pulp and paper applications where critical difficult to access electric motors, pumps, conveyers, fans, air conditioners, ovens and furnaces need to be kept operational.

The new E Series battery driven units can be turned on and off and the delivery rates adjusted as and when required.

Generating nitrogen gas, not hydrogen gas, the E Series lubricators are more reliable to deliver the required and set volume of grease than other perhaps better known brands. The addition of the Pulsarlube pouch or cartridge type units which are popular in Australia enables Alemlube to provide equipment solutions for close to every conceivable lubrication equipment application across a wide range of industries and applications here in Australia.